• Types of Psychic Readings

    It’s always good to learn every psychic reading just to improve your general knowledge about this spiritual industry especially before you have any intention to ask an online psychic for help. When it comes to how many forms of psychic reading we have in reality, there are two distinctive groups showing up such as the structured and unstructured ones.

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    Types of Psychic Readings

    What does a structured reading mean? It’s commonly a process of making divination plus the use of other divinatory tools. The most familiar tools applied to every process are Tarot cards, crystal ball, runes, tea leaves and Ouija board. For an unstructured reading, the psychics won’t depend much on such tools which are believed to aid them during the reading but rather rely on their intuitive and psychic gifts. Take a good look at these two types of psychic readings:

    Structured readings
    The interpretations of future and undefined things will be conducted according to psychic dreams, visions, and even subjective experience of the psychics. Many structured readings make use of a few divinatory tools such as tea leaves, I-Ching coins, and birth charts.

    The first structured reading is astrology, which is known as the study of the celestial movements and their impacts on human’s affairs. Human individualities can be partially influenced by the general attributes of the stars and planets. The second form of a structured reading is numerology, a kind of study of numbers that are said to relate to a person’s name or birth data. The next structured reading here is Tarot card reading in which each card symbolizes a different meaning associating with any aspect of a person’s life.

    Unstructured readings
    These forms of psychic readings can be called the intuitive ones since they do not rely much on the divinatory tools but the feeling and intuition only. Here are some popular unstructured readings that may interest you:

    – Aura readings: Every one of us is covered by an outer layer around the body, and we call it the energy rays or the auras. Through observing the auras, the seers or psychics are able to read a person’s individualities plus his mental aspects.

    – Esthetic readings: It mostly involves in preconceiving the invisible places and sensing the existence of ghosts or spirits in a building. Some psychics may suggest placing a specific item in a certain place to make sure that the good energies will be attracted.

    In short, what makes an unstructured reading so different from a structured reading is the way it’s conducted. It requires the certain levels of special gifts owned by psychics, and does not rely on any further tool to better up the reading.

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