Free Accurate Tarot Card Readings

Whenever getting started online Tarot reading, we won’t need to worry about shuffling the cards. At that time, the computer program shall do it for us. Free tarot reading online is simple and often practiced as an entry level for extra personal sessions. Although it is quite easy and convenient; honestly, we seem to miss a piece of genuine experience. In fact, holding a real Tarot deck in our hands is always exciting; at times, it may be vital. Don’t worry! Try to equip our laptop with a webcam and headset to see a living reader carrying out her work of divination for further experience!

Accurate Tarot Reading

Free Accurate Tarot Card Readings

In fact, the accuracy of our reading tends to rely on how we ask questions. Attempt to stay away from Yes/No inquiries. Although these types of queries are likely to provide the most accurate answers, cards seem not to unfold the future in such the simplified way. As a result, we should rather concentrate on more general style of asking. It is worth pointing out that the purpose of Tarot reading is not simply about fortune telling. It is more useful and wonderful to consider the reading as a tool that might help to seek the best possible future scenario.

In case we expect to get the precise consequences, spend time in preparing suitable questions. Please ask “What will be the best way to save my relationship?” instead of “Can I save my relationship?” It’s better to avoid “Will I stay alone forever?” by asking “What may I do to meet my true soulmate?” and so on. In any case, try to be active and flexible in our own approach.

Three-Card Tarot Reading

Yes, there are several options on how to do an online Tarot reading with just 3 cards. However, the major problem here is how we can name this 3-card spread. Believe it or not, one of the most intuitive ways is simply seeing them as past-present-future. Sometimes, another frequently used chain for 3-card layout can be reasons-actual circumstances-prospects. Nevertheless, we’re able to realize that this kind of reading seems not to be very far away from its original version, right?

It’s recommended to try with another different scheme with these 3 cards. That is hope-adversity-bridge. Its interpretation is as follows:
• Hope (the first card): Which assets may we expect to come?
• Adversity (the second card): Which dangers can be threatening us?
• Bridge (the final card): Which path we should go?

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