How To Conduct Crystal Ball Readings

In the list of top-searched kinds of Psychic readings, Crystal Ball Reading (also termed as Crystallomancy or scrying) is popularly seen from local booths to online sites and paranormal programs. Hence, it is quite normal to claim that the transparent ball can inspire lots of interest from the spiritual believers who have faith in the world of mystery.

How To Conduct Crystal Ball Readings

From the first time of touching, nearly all individuals are attracted by the ball’s mist, transparent surface, and hidden power. Now, are you ready to conduct the Crystal Ball Readings? Believing that the art can be accomplished as long as ones work in the sacred boundary under the right guidance!

Using Crystal Ball to Call for the Spirits’ Help

In the quiet room without disturbance, evolve the relaxed ambiance with the burned candles, incense, and soft music. The candlelit room helps to create the advantageous environment to call for the Spirit Guides’ contact. Notice that the space with too much light is not good since it causes the ball’s images to be distorted and hard to realize. With the relaxed eyes and focused head, the practitioners are able to notice the signs on the ball or the images in their minds.

In that sense, the candlelight is more suitable to call for the spiritual messages than anything else on Earth. Before starting the work with the magical ball, the readers are required to do the cleansing rituals on both rooms and themselves. Those gazing at the ball with the bad status will perceive nothing from its mist. When being in the meditative state, the ones with clairvoyance perform the arts of scrying with honesty. Hence, whether you can notice any blurred image or not, be honest to tell the truths!

Every beginner finds it challenging to remain focused during the mediation. Hence, the art of Crystal Ball Gazing is only accomplished by the practitioners who pursue the miracles with consistency and clear purposes. Why do you want to work with the transparent rock? Ask yourself before purchasing one and treat it with the entire appreciation!

Holding the ball in hands means you agree to pursue the spiritual mission in interacting with the universal energies and intangible forces. Understand that the spirits usually observe your acts and evaluate them in the top position of neutrality! As a result, those practicing in the long run will be showered with the greatly heightened sense of sight. Since the psychical bond with the crystal can be tightened via the frequent practice, make sure you work with clear schedule.

Before staring into the ball, focus mind on the troubles that you want to solve! Receptively welcome every sign that may come in forms of images and sounds in the centre of the ball or via mind connection. Only the receptive guys can see the light from the mist! Any sign of restriction or violation can drive you to suffer the intense frustration. In most cases, a mental note is essential for the later practice.

Crystal Ball Gazing Is Only For Thoughtful Guys

After the session, the thoughtful readers are required to say “Thank you” to the ball as well as the Spirit Guides. Hence, if you are thoughtless or inconsiderate, this kind of Psychic practice is not quite appropriate. Since both the Crystal and Spiritual forces need to be treated with the complete respect, it is the delicate matter to please both. Are you consistent enough to practice Crystal ball Reading in the long run?

Those working with instinct and intuition are likely to excel at the art! Hence, due to your natures and abilities, check if this type of reading is right for you before investing time and effort in it!

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