Learn How To Read Tarot Cards

Relax Your Mind

It’s highly recommended for you to relax your both mind and body, which means to keep your mind silent but still keeps the soft voice of your own intuition to be heard. Make sure that you’re completely comfortable when starting to take part in the reading. Remember to take deep breaths through the nose and mouth. You can also visualize everything on your own mind at that time. Later, you can freely return to your worries, but at least for this time, your mind should be calm and empty. Have your mind and body relaxed by letting them breathe into any side of tension or discomfort zone as well as exhaling the tension until your own body reaches the warmness and calmness.

Relax Your Mind

Get Your Own Deck Cleared Up

Just because your own deck of Tarot may have absorbed your lasting reading’s energies or the last person who has touched it, it’s said to be crucial to get that deck cleared up from any residual energy. The best possible way to succeed in doing so is to shuffle the cards. Right after shuffling those cards from the deck, make sure to hold it right in your hands and deliver it a light bath, which means that you can totally visualize that you’re currently sending that kind of light into your Tarot deck, just to make it bathed in light. Doing this is not only to clean your own deck, but also assist you in connecting to cards more strongly.

Do not Asking Questions

In this step, you can freely hold your own deck, and start to ask your own questions in a quiet way without having to say them out loud. In case that you do not have any specific question around that time, simply inquire your own Tarot cards. Ensure to let those questions settle into the deck properly. You can also visualize that kind of question to pass from your mind to go down your arms and flow into the deck or Tarot cards.

Divide Your Deck

It means to cut the deck by putting your Tarot deck on the table right in front of you. Please avail your left hand to cut that deck in half at first. Later, place its top half on the left, and then you will own two different piles of cards. Remember to select the card lying on the top of the right pile. Turning it over will be the last step.

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