Rune Readings

On a regular basis, the term “runes” tends to refer to the set of the ancient North European alphabets that were made use of to write various different Germanic languages prior to the introduction of the Latin script. “Runology” is known as a special branch of the Germanic linguistics which studies the runic alphabets and their esoteric history, and it was initially introduced by the Swedish mystique and antiquarian ā€“ Johannes Bureus ā€“ who supposed that these runic alphabets owned the magical powers.

Rune Readings

In addition, the earliest epigraphs bearing the runic inscriptions date from around 150 CE. According to some sources, the script was apt to continue to be availed until the Northern European cultures came absolutely under the impact of Christianity. Though after this stage, the official use of the runes as the alphabetical script is likely to have discontinued in both central and northern Europe, there are obvious indications that they continued to be utilized, albeit unofficially, by the local individuals, particularly in the rural areas of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Apart from being used as the writing system, we have substantial evidence to prove that these runic alphabets also possessed the magical associations since the historical times. There will be the certain runic epigraphs clearly mentioning that the runes have the special powers to resurrect the deceased. As a consequence, the element of mystery was often attached to the runic symbols. Owing to their convinced powers, they were also associated with some of the significant Nordic deities. It is not hard to understand why the inscriptions written in the runic script were offered by the spiritual connotations that later went on to be the voice of the oracle. However, please bear in mind that they never became the spoken idiom.

How To Read Runes?

To be known as the stones, runes will contain the inscriptions of the ancient Germanic alphabet. It is supposed that they have a tendency to work in a similar way to Tarot cards and may assist a person in gaining various fascinating insights into his life. We are able to seek a set of runes at some divine stores. The following are some basic and straightforward steps to read them.

  1. Look for a quiet place to interpret the runes. Of course, we will not wish to be disturbed whilst we are attempting to focus our energies on the reading, right? After that, please place the clean white cloth on the floor to put the runes upon.
  1. Concentrate our mind on a query that we desire to have answered. Now, it is time to place our energy into the runes when we mix them in a pouch.
  1. Start to pick out the runes which we shall be using in our cast. Remember! There will be many different casts that we might choose from, including the 9 rune cast. In general, this cast will make us place 9 runes scattered in front of us.
  1. Don’t forget to keep a key of the runes close by. Almost all of the rune sets shall provide the key that lets us know the meaning of each symbol. Don’t be reluctant to refer to this key once we interpret the runes.
  1. At that time, we need to look at runes falling in the center of the cloth first. Generally, these ones are often central to the inquiry at hand. In case the certain runes are touching, then they will complement each other. The runes falling face down symbolize the external influences or the future.
  1. Here is the right moment to interpret the runes with our own logical sense. If we see the pattern within the runes, don’t hesitate to gather our answer through that, and then apply all of the meanings from the runes to our present circumstances.

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