Tarot And Runes – Difference Or Similarity?

Fortune-telling is always considered as a mysterious and interesting thing. It discloses our innermost in thought and allows us to see the world through a remote and liberated perspective.
There are dozens of methods for divination.Among these ways, Tarot and Runes are two of the most popular forms of fortune-telling. They include both strong and weak points which are mentioned in every situation. The important thing is that we need to know these points definitely to pick up the best and suitable tool.

Land on an occult realm of the Tarot

The four suits in the Tarot will indicate 4 main aspects of the world like metaphysical (air/swords), personal (fire/wands), material (earth/pentacles) and social (cups/water). The Major Arcana demonstrates a circulation happening periodically in our universe. The Tarot is rather wide and extensive. 78 is the number of a deck of the Tarot cards. Interpreting the Tarot’s meaning will give a fair light, but mostly they are often biased information or perspectives.

Tarot And Runes – Difference Or Similarity?

How about the Runes?

The Runes belong to a part of the universe. They can be used for divination, but their main function is a tool of magic. To become a Rune expert, we need to master all parts of reality and take control of aspects in life. While the Tarot cards are able to be seen with naked eyes, the Runes will be observed by both of a visual and auditory sense. Every rune might be activated through writing its form or uttering its name. Just sign the name of the rune, we can let its power get out and avail it into the reading.

How to utilize the Tarot and the Runes?

To what-if or future queries, using the Tarot can reflect events in the past or present or just use to practice mental thoughts. Usually, the cards will concentrate on telling a story or providing useful advice.

To direct answers, the best way is to utilize the Runes. Its target is to disclose our weak points and a “counter-attack”. For daily use, we should take the Rune reading instead of the Tarot card. It’s because the interpretation in the Runes are sometimes simpler to understand than the Tarot.

Anyway, these two ways (Tarot and Rune) also have a common thing. It’s the meditation on both ways in order to give a deep understanding of our fate, karma and the essence of reality. So, which one is the best? Any method that we can show clearly what we want to know. In sum, both of them are alleys for us to understand about ourselves.

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