Tarot Card Spreads And Meanings

Although several advocates over-hype a Tarot reading as a means of foretelling the future, almost all of the true aficionados often understand that Tarot only offers users a guideline to help make any informed choice as their future unveils.

Interpreting the Tarot cards is considered an art that people need to develop. Why? As they do properly, their powers of intuition and discernment will grow stronger, surely. We shall learn the ways to perceive how the cards’ meanings relate to our real life conditions, and how a whole spread can reveal a story about the current routine we are on. In some cases, we’re able to use the info to stay on the current course, or even make any kind of choice to ensure the consequence we hope for.

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Decipher The Meaning Of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread simply requires 10 cards to be drawn from the deck. However, there is also a specific spread we should follow. From our first draw to tenth, please lay cards out in the pattern below:

  • The first row: Draw card 4 and 10
  • The second row: Draw cards 5, 1 (and let card 2 be laid cross-wise on the top), 6 and 9
  • The third row: Draw card 8
  • The last row: Draw cards 3 and 7

Now, it’s time to interpret the cards’ positions:

  1. Card one – our foundation card. Whenever reading for self, the card indicates us and the basis of this particular reading.
  2. Card two: It stands for the barriers that currently hinder our way.
  3. Card three: It represents our subconscious. Take much time to contemplate the card to unlock the door on the matters we could rather keep buried, yet still have to address.
  4. Card four: The card seems to be all about our potential, based upon the choices we have already made in relation to the issue in question.
  5. Card five: It implies what has taken place in the past.
  6. Card six: This card just relates to many events which will be unfolded in the near future.
  7. Card seven: It discloses the kind of impacts surrounding the trouble at hand. Here will be where we confront our inner fears.
  8. Card eight: The card tends to provide us with various insights into how others can perceive us.
  9. Card nine: It is a sign of our fears and how they can affect our hopes for the future.
  10. Card ten: This last card reveals an answer to our original query or how everything shall turn out.

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