What Is A Psychic Attack?

What Is A Psychic Attack?

A Psychic attack is known as the negative energy that a person wants to send us with the conscious or unconscious aim of inflicting harm on us, our life or our family. It is supposed that harm can be launched via our emotional, spiritual, physical or mental state. These negative energies can be created in the form of thoughts, based basically on jealousy towards us. In some cases, Psychic attacks occur once some dark and negative vibrations are sent from one person to another one in order to create the disturbance in the both energetic and physical body of the person. Each of these negative energies will be surely bring the harmful effects for the individual who receives them. A consciously attack is once someone deliberately wants to harm us and can be compared to witchcraft, spell casting and black magic.

Here are some reasons why someone can attack us physically

What Is A Psychic Attack?

– They get jealous.
– Our life is more and more progressive while their lives are stagnant.
– They are surely envious of our looks, great husband, career or talents.
– They are living in the dark and negative sides at the present time.
– They lack self-conviction.
– They are fearful of everything around them

What are the symptoms of a Psychic attack?

If you want to know whether you have some signs of a Psychic attack or not, here will be some useful examples of a Psychic attack. Read and check out by yourself:

– Dream some scared nightmares frequently on our sleep.
– See our attacker in a devil way, either in our meditation, our dreams or our thoughts.
– Feel tired and exhausted of energy constantly without certain and obvious reasons.
– Have the pains at the same time and in the same place on the regular basis.
– Often experience the pains or illness in the areas of weakness that our attacker is already aware of.
– Lack concentration and emotions of laziness when it comes to finishing our daily tasks.
– When we are painful, even some severe cases such as headache, it can be accompanied with dizziness or vomiting.
– Feel depressed frequently.
– Have the images or thoughts of our attacker creeping into our mind repeatedly.
– Feel that we are being watched and seeing the shadows around us from any corner of our eyes, even when we are alone.
– The worst kind of a Psychic attack is that it can inflict on our true feelings, and sometimes we can have a strong desire of suicide.

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