Who Is Psychic Medium George Anderson?

For more than 40 years, George Anderson has been able to bridge the afterworld and the earth by his special ability to perceive any message of hope from the loved ones who have passed away. Actually, since the age of 6, George has had a spiritual bond with the souls who have often depended on his power to make him hear them and then have brought comfort and peace to their grieving members in family. According to those specializing in the medical, religious and scientific fields, he is commonly considered the world’s greatest Psychic Medium.

The man has devoted his whole life to aiding the bereaved in coping with loss via conveying the messages of hope from their dear dead ones with incredible precision and specificity, which seems to be unrivalled by contemporaries in his area.

A Rundown On One Of The World’s Best Psychic Medium – George Anderson

Who Is Psychic Medium George Anderson?

When being 6 years old, George contracted varicella that quickly became a nearly mortal case of encephalomyelitis. At that moment, he wasn’t even expected to survive. However, magic truly happened, and he was made a slow recovery on the course of the following 3 months, even he could regain the use of his legs. After this near-deadly episode, George Anderson started to see the image of a lady who’s dressed in lilac colored robes.

She talked with him at length about life hereafter as well as the journey he would even be required to embark upon. Later, he also began regularly seeing and hearing relatives and family’s friends who had already died. Though initially his parents and doctors feared that George might own incurred permanent brain damage due to his illness, it didn’t stop him from communicating with the spirits, which increased in duration and frequency into his teenage years.

Actually, they also alarmed George’s friends, teachers, and family about the possibility in which it was felt he might be committed to an insane asylum while considering that the visions he saw and the voices he heard could be the result of Schizophrenia. However, only the intervention of a few understanding and spiritual doctors who put trust on George’s visions, could keep him from being committed for his whole life.

Reluctantly, with spiritual assistance of the souls, George still continued to perceive and share messages to help those who have suffered from the grief reconnect with their deceased ones.Although some people have supposed that he was selected by the spirits as a communicator, lots of the medical experts theorize that his capability of seeing and hearing from the souls can be a result of “rewiring” the brain after trauma, which might over-adapt and awaken a part of the brain.

What More About George Anderson’s Career?

Throughout his career, George has seemed to do over 30,000 sessions and lessons for the bereaved, and he’s also known as the most scientifically tested psychic medium of the century. Proudly, he has earned the acclaim and respect from those who have worked in scientific, religious, and medical fields, thanks to not only his unique power, but also his dedication to the troubling-having seekers who have suffered the loss of their dear members.

Dozens of the researchers in the field of afterlife studies, spirituality, and science have called George Anderson “The gold standard by which all of the mediums are measured,” “A Stradivarius amongst psychic mediums,” and “Astonishing.” He continues working with individuals around the world, ranging from day-to-day seekers, politicians, celebrities, to heads of state, royalty, etc. who have been astounded by his thoughtful manner and extraordinary capability of getting in touch with the messages from the souls.

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