Who Is Spirit Guide Gordon Smith?

Being noticed as the UK’s most accurate and well-known medium, Gordon Smith has been featured in a large number of TV documentaries, such as “Mediums: Talking With the Dead” – 3 part series, the BBC’s Everyman, and he has been appearing as a professional guest on different famed shows, like Richard and Judy, This Morning, as well as the BBC’s Heaven and Earth. Additionally, he has also been presented on one of the nation’s favorite paranormal shows, called Living TV’s “Most Haunted,” and his own series located on the Biography Channel.

Who Is Spirit Guide Gordon Smith?
A Brief Bio Of Gordon Smith – A Renowned Medium

With his special power of connecting to the spirits in the afterworld, he has not been hesitant to travel around many corners of the world in order to appear in front of audiences, read for lots of the famous celebrities, and he has also written numerous books, in which The Unbelievable Truth and Spirit Messenger have been published with great critical acclaim. Gordon Smith has additionally written columns for newspapers, like the Daily Record, Best magazine, and Take A Break magazine!

From the early childhood, he had the extraordinary ability to see, hear, and sense spirits’ presence. When being a child, his capability tended to unnerve those around him; thus, he learned the ways to close his mind to those experiences.

During his teenage years, Gordon pushed his heightened power into the background of his awareness, and then lived as an average teenager. In fact, he pursued his dream of gymnastics till he’s 19 years old. When being 24, in the middle of the night, a brother of his friend appeared at his bedside, and his special gifts were re-awakened. Later, he recognized that the brother had passed away in a tragic fire.

Gordon invited his friend to go to a spiritualist’s church. Throughout the service, he was told that one day he would be speaking from “the platform.”

Many years later, Gordon Smith now becomes one of the world’s top-rated spiritual teachers and Psychic mediums in the UK. With 15 years of balancing his divinatory work as an internationally reputable medium, Gordon has conducted mediumship workshops and events all over the globe! His lively demonstrations and Celtic charm indeed give his audience a rare chance to experience the exciting phenomenon of mediumship!

Want To Sharpen Our Intuition? Follow Gordon Smith’s Advice Now!

Consulting his new book – Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship – is one of the wise suggestions as the book shares some of the high-powered exercises Gordon learned in his development over the past 25 years with those who seemed to be at the beginning of their journey. According to his standpoint, individuals who were stepping into the world of mediumship and spiritual development tended to be confused since they’re trying to run before they might even stand. It was likely that many practitioners wanted to emulate their advisers, rather than spending time in understanding the simplest disciplines, which needed to be understood and practiced frequently before they began to take their first honest step on the spiritual routine.

As per Gordon’s statements, he is indeed happy to see that there is truly a great spiritual force above his followers. He does hope that every one of his readers will realize the key focus of this cool book is to teach them that they are all not alone in this globe, and people have the big potential to reach out to spirit guides. Yes, we’re all able to help others to understand this since it is the nature of spirit to expand and grow and since we are spirit, this is actually our birthright.

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