Who Was John Dee?

When searching for the top-featured Psychics throughout history, the seekers interestingly come across the name of John Dee. So, who is that guy? John Dee (July 13th, 1527 – 1608 or 1609) was best known as the creditable mathematician, astrologer, occultist, and adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. By devoting the entire life to the researches of divination, alchemy, and Hermetic philosophy, he gained the public recognition healthily. Over decades, we found no spiritualist that could successfully give Queen Elizabeth I lots of practical advice like Dee. Therefore, it could be concur that Dee played the significant role in the success of the powerful Queen.

John Dee – What to Learn

Dee was highly engaged in the world of occultation and science at the distinguishable demeanor. As one of the most learnt men of his ages, Dee was welcomed to lecture on advanced algebra at the University of Paris during his early twenties. The respected Astrologer was very multitalented with many specialized areas of expertise. In addition to the excellent abilities in the magic fields, John Dee was also an expert in navigation that urged him to train numerous adventurers who conducted the England’s voyages of discovery.

Who Was John Dee?

In the early year of life-span, John Dee attempted to study Astrology and Hermetic philosophy. Nonetheless, the last 30 years of his life was spent on communicating with Angels. According to Dee, he would like to learn the universal language of creation from the holy beings and get it applied to human communities. To Dee, there was the close connection among his studied fields from mathematical research to Hermetic investigation, angel summoning, and divination as well. The so-called spiritualist strongly believed that there was the divine forms underlain the visible world that could be called as “Pure verities”.

Throughout his lifetime, Dee was knowledgeable enough to collect one of the largest libraries in England. With the high social status as the eminent scholar, Dee was admitted to play as private advisor to Elizabethan I. Her politics was highly affected by his tutor and advisability. There stood a secret about John Dee: he was the Astrologer of Queen Mary. Then, he was selected as Elizabeth’s tutor and scientific adviser. It was impossible to deny the fact that he was the important and enlightened character in Elizabethan period. In relation to Shakespeare’s “Prospero” character in the Tempest, Dee stood out as the great inspiration.

From the early age, Dee entered university and was known as the knowledgeable fellow of Trinity College during his teens. However, it was sad to know that Dee died in poverty when he was 82 years old. His study about the universal language from the Divine might not be fully respected at the time no matter how fervently he believed in its existence in life. Though John Dee did not succeed in uniting all the religions into the unified theology, he was recognized as one the most talented men of his time. His work and study life were admirable with lots of remarkable achievements towards the growth of Hermetic art.

In addition to the inspiration of Shakespeare’s Prospero character, Dee appeared as a detective in Phil Rickman’s The Bones of Avalon or a titular character in a modern English opera. Proudly, he was the major subject of the heavy metal band – Iron Maiden’s 2010 anthem “The Alchemist”. Thanks to the everlasting contribution on both Elizabethan and present days, John was regarded as one of the most noteworthy Psychics that left the admirable adherence to Astrology, Astronomy, and Mathematical Principles. What’s more, his exclusive ideas about the universal language from the Angels have been spiritually taken into account in the modern time.

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